Sunday, January 31, 2010

Body Solid Home Gyms Comparison

Are you looking for a great workout? Have you ever wondered what separates home gyms? What makes one better than another? These are questions that many of us ask when we think about the purchase of a home gym. Additionally we ask ourselves, “Will I really make the time commitment and really use this?” Motivating yourself to “get in shape”, “be fit”, or just to “tone up” can be challenging, however Body Solid provides an answer to these issues in their EXM1500S and G2B home gyms. These two gyms take the work out of workout and replace it with fun. While you will work up a good sweat putting in your workout, you will thoroughly enjoy it. What is the difference between these two great gyms well lets visit them and find out.

This gym is centered on a 160 Lb. weight stack, adjustable in 10 Lb. increments, stacked neatly without plates and bars scattered about. Simply insert a pin and begin! While sitting on the firm, oversize adjustable seat pad you can start by grabbing the multi-grip press arm and work on your chest and shoulders, then wrap your legs over the comfortable foam rollers to rip through a set of thigh burning leg extensions. Now, take hold of the Ab Strap and crunch your way to a washboard stomach. Spin around and reach for the Lat Bar and work your shoulders and upper back. Using the Straight Bar on the multi-purpose Low Pulley you can perform seated rows, biceps curls, wrist curls, upright rows, shrugs and more. Other exercises include triceps press down, standing leg curl, bent over row, inner and outer thigh, one arm cable curl and standing calf raise.

The Body-Solid G2B is the ideal combination of technology and design. Its’ most unique feature is the patented Bi-Angular® Press Arm System. Bi-Angular® technology uses a converging axis during the pressing motion to provide 25% more muscle interaction for a faster, more efficient and complete workout. Built on a compact but extremely stable footprint, the G2B packs more exercises into less space than any other gym available. Included in this versatile gym is a Multi-Hip Station to sculpt your hips, thighs and glutes. The fully adjustable back pad is made of DuraFirm™ padding and includes lumbar support for maximum comfort. Our SmoothGlide Bearing System™ allows friction-free movement and long life to the multi-function leg developer. The G2B allows you to perform every exercise you need to sculpt your body to its ultimate form.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas is Approaching

EDF Superstore has slashed prices for the coming holiday season. Come in and take a peek at new items from Body Solid. We are now carrying a complete line of home workout gyms, ellipticals, treadmills, both home and commercial at the best prices -- yes we will price match most online retailers (fitness factory included). For commercial businesses please call if ordering more than a single item.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

EDF Dumps Cap Barbell for Troy

EDF Superstore in a stunning move dumped their entire catalog of products from Cap Barbell citing poor customer service, missed deliveries, and numerous billing errors. Cap Barbell could not be reached for comment. EDF has added products from USA Sports Troy Barbell to replace the Cap products. EDF co-owner Marc Silberkleit is ecstatic about the partnership with Troy. "Troy is an outstanding company with A-1 service and friendly sales people. The Troy sales team provided us with a complete inventory list that was easy to get up on our site quickly. They helped us identify like inventory and assisted us in filling open orders for defunct Cap merchandise.", said Silberkleit.

This was a great move for the up and coming superstore.

EDF Superstore adds Flooring

EDF Superstore has now added Alessco Flooring to its vast array of products. Alessco SoftFloors&trade is made of high quality EVA foam and designed especially for impact sports. Use this flooring to complete your basement, set up your workout equipment, do aerobics, tumble, exercise. This flooring goes great in a Martial Arts Studio, playground, school, etc... Alessco Flooring is tough, durable, waterproof, and soundproof.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EDF partners with Ekho Heart Rate Monitors

EDF Superstore is now an Authorized Dealer of EKHO Heart Rate Monitors and Pedometers.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

EDF Starts new line of athletic apparel

EDF Superstore announces the NEW EDF Line of Athletic apparel. Checkout our new line of EDF Apparel.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

EDF Superstore is Open

EDF Superstore opened its doors last week. The newest Exercise, Diet, and Fitness superstore. They are all over the place, but what makes EDF special is our commitment to quality products at affordable prices and focus on customer service. your owners, Marc and Wendy, love working out and have done a lot of research to bring the best brand name exercise, diet, and fitness names to you. Our Otomix line of fitness clothing is growing daily and if you don't see it ask, our prices are as low as you can go, if you can find it for less let us know, while we do not price match on everything, we will try our best to get you the best price. So, come on down or surf on into the newest exercise, diet, and fitness site on the web EDF Superstore where most shipping is free.